Streaming Media Server Hosting

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Current Packages:

    Small Streaming   Medium Streaming   Massive Streaming
Price($USD)   $8.95/mo   $16.95/mo   $21.95/mo
Dedicated IP?   NO   OPTIONAL   YES
Processes   2   4   6
Disk Space   25MB   50MB   75MB
Bandwidth   100GB/mo   150GB/mo   200GB/mo

Add-on Extras: (Special: currently $2 each!)

Item   Price/mo
BG Process   $3/each
Disk Space   $3/25MB
Bandwidth   $3/5GB


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Additional Information

For Dedicated-IP Purchases, we will also at your discretion, point your assigned IP's reverse DNS to the hostname of your choosing. However, said hostname MUST resolve back to the IP (this is for security reasons).

Customers wanting to purchase more than one account may have their accounts located on different physical servers at their own choosing. If no preference is indicated, we reserve the right to place your account on the server of our choosing.

A note on bandwidth: The bandwidth limit is "soft" -- meaning we won't automatically charge you for overages, stop your services, or anything like that. We will, however, notify you if you exceed your limit, and if you exceed by a lot, then we reserve the right to require payment for overages at $2/GB/Month.